Covering your total needs

Aktiebolagstjänst specialises in taking care of a company’s total needs.

For more than 30 years we have been assisting our clients with services required when forming a business enterprise or when any other major issues need to be addressed, such as registering trademarks or domain names.  We are also familiar with all matters regarding the administration of companies.

Aktiebolagstjänst was founded in 1979 and our ten employees offer our clients a vast reservoir of knowledge. We invite you to contact us to enable you to measure the breadth and depth of our experience and expertise in matters vital to the success of your business enterprise.

Leif Malmborg
Managing director

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Get help and guidance
throughout the whole

Change representatives

Change of board members, auditor
or simular changes


We help you with registration of trademarks all over the world.

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Administration of your company

We provide all kind of service to
establish, manage and administer
your business in Sweden.

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